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As a client, you are our collaborator. We use our years of expertise to make you not only functional furniture, but pieces of art for your home.

Typically, the customer provides a general indication of shape, size, leg choice, wood species as well as other details. If you are contacting us for a quote or preparing for a consultation, we ask you to consider the following questions below and check out our customization page

Learn more about our process on our process page.


Contact us for any questions about creating your one-of-a-kind, custom, live edge table or furniture.

Let’s connect virtually or one-on-one to discuss all your dreams and inspirations related to your custom made furniture. We invite you to check out our studio and see how we lovingly design and craft your furniture. We want to work with you and create the perfect custom made furniture for your space

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Re: I would like a quote for The Alligator table.

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