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1. Consultation

Every Salt Spring Wood Co. piece is custom designed and fabricated. As a client, you are our collaborator. We use our years of expertise to make you not only a functional table, but a piece of art in your home. We connect with you one-on-one to discuss all your dreams related to your new table. Come visit the studio and see how we lovingly design and build your furniture. We want to work with you on creating the perfect table for your space.

Typically, the customer provides a general indication of size, leg choice, wood species as well as other details. If you are contacting us for a quote or preparing for a consultation, we ask you to consider the following questions and ideas. Check out the customization page.

2. Design

What does your dream piece of custom furniture look and feel like? We are looking for these types of descriptions: light, soft, angular, heavy, clean, rough. We once had a customer give us only two criteria, the size and the feeling that a table was floating. This was one of the most exciting projects for us to make. This is your custom piece, so let's make it exactly as you imagine.

What kind of wood are you most attracted to? What are its characteristics: colour, figuring, texture, grain? Do you have a species of wood in mind? Will the piece have an application that would benefit from a specific quality (i.e. hardness or food safety)? Supplying us with photos and samples of your space including existing finishes will be helpful so we can ensure color tones and designs will compliment one another.

If we are matching existing finishes, we may have to make some samples for you to take home once your species of wood is chosen. It’s incredible how different finishes look in different light and how different finishes look on different species of wood. For more information about the types of wood we use and our Wood Section.

3. Measurement

These are the measurements of the piece, the space and the surrounding furniture. For example, if we are building you a dining table, then the measurements of your chairs and benches will be helpful in choosing a leg design. Measurements are also critical for an accurate quote. We don't need all the details upon consultation; however, in order to make your piece perfectly suited to your environment, we will need the details in the building process.

4. Quote

Before anything is built, we provide you with detailed quote so you know exactly what you will be receiving. Once the design is approved, we ask for 50% deposit.

Once paid, your piece will be started and your wood is spoken for.

Pricing for your project is available upon request. We typically send out a formal quote once the wood type, dimensions and leg style is specified.

5. Fabrication

Every part of the fabrication process is custom-made by hand. From the milling of the wood to the welding of the legs, our production happens 100% at our studio on Salt Spring Island, BC.

6. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on schedules and wood availability but is generally 6 to 10 weeks. Once we have confirmed your wood choice as well as other details including dimensions, finish and leg design, we can provide you with an accurate turnaround time.

7. Delivery

After finishing, inspection, and photos are taken, we make sure you approve the final work. After consulting with you, we carefully disassemble, wrap and pack your piece for delivery.

We personally handle the delivery of every piece of furniture we make. Our delivery is the white-glove treatment, which includes unpacking and recycling any delivery materials, as well as moving the piece of furniture to the desired location. If you prefer to pick up your new piece of custom furniture, we can arrange that.


Wood & It’s Movement Over Time

Wood is still living even after it is crafted into pieces of furniture.

You can’t stop wood from moving. Wood is hygroscopic, which means its Moisture Content (MC) will fluctuate based on the Relative Humidity (RH) of the surrounding air.

As humidity increases, the MC increases, and the wood expands, and as the humidity decreases, MC decreases, and the wood shrinks. This relationship is referred to as Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC), and can be accurately predicted. This is when a piece of wood no longer gains or loses moisture since it’s at equilibrium with the relative humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment.

Thicker pieces of wood take longer to lose or absorb moisture to reach the equilibrium moisture content. This may take weeks or even months depending on the relative humidity where the piece will finally be placed. It is perfectly normal for the piece of wood to have movement during this process. Types of movement include small cracks, knots, expanding, contracting and warping are all very common in solid wood furniture.

When we’re creating your piece of furniture we use epoxy to fill in the voids. After delivery, it is perfectly normal to have smaller new openings in the wood appear over time.

Care and Maintenance

We ask that you take extra care of your furniture for the first month. The finishes used need to cure properly in their new environment. Over time you will need to re-apply the finish as needed depending on factors such as, the usage that the furniture receives, the temperature and light exposure as well as unforeseen circumstances. Think of it like keeping your skin cleaned and well oiled. Your wood likes to be treated just as well as your body. This will help keep your furniture looking as good as new for years to come.


We guarantee our pieces of furniture for one year from the date of delivery from major defects. We will also refinish a piece one time only if it gets damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured we will take care of it.


Contact us for any questions about creating your one-of-a-kind, custom, live edge table or furniture.

Let’s connect virtually or one-on-one to discuss all your dreams and inspirations related to your custom made furniture. We invite you to check out our studio and see how we lovingly design and craft your furniture. We want to work with you and create the perfect custom made furniture for your space

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